Saturday, July 11, 2009

It's been crazy around here!

I know I should blog more but I've been super super busy! I had my second son back in March... March 3rd because 3(March) * 3(rd) =9(2009).... LOL well that was dh's doing. He decided what day for the c-section! That day was absolutely wonderful! We went first thing in the morning and had him by 10:14 am... it was kinda strange to me this time around. I went into the operating room by myself and actually felt the epidural needle this time... it was pretty uncomfortable! Oh and dh looked while they pulled the baby out and even looked afterwards... kinda gross but interesting at the same time. He said he saw my insides... EWWW I know too much info! Anyways... we named him Caleb Alder and he is SUCH a GOOD baby!!! I'm in awe... my first son was a very very clingy baby... this one is little mister independent unless he's hungry or needs a diaper change! I love him so much, he's so adorable! :) I could go on and on about him! But that's the short and sweet version, all I have to say about would bore you to sleep! The only other big news is we got our first son enrolled into preschool! He starts the day after Labor Day and I can't wait! I know I'm going to cry and get all sad that my BABY is starting school! But at the same time I'm so excited for him! I know he's going to have a blast! He NEEDS to go to school and socialize desperately! He's hardly ever around other kiddos. Oh and dh finally got a job! It's been a really really rough road for us lately... but I think things are looking up and I'm so grateful for all that we do have!