Saturday, July 11, 2009

It's been crazy around here!

I know I should blog more but I've been super super busy! I had my second son back in March... March 3rd because 3(March) * 3(rd) =9(2009).... LOL well that was dh's doing. He decided what day for the c-section! That day was absolutely wonderful! We went first thing in the morning and had him by 10:14 am... it was kinda strange to me this time around. I went into the operating room by myself and actually felt the epidural needle this time... it was pretty uncomfortable! Oh and dh looked while they pulled the baby out and even looked afterwards... kinda gross but interesting at the same time. He said he saw my insides... EWWW I know too much info! Anyways... we named him Caleb Alder and he is SUCH a GOOD baby!!! I'm in awe... my first son was a very very clingy baby... this one is little mister independent unless he's hungry or needs a diaper change! I love him so much, he's so adorable! :) I could go on and on about him! But that's the short and sweet version, all I have to say about would bore you to sleep! The only other big news is we got our first son enrolled into preschool! He starts the day after Labor Day and I can't wait! I know I'm going to cry and get all sad that my BABY is starting school! But at the same time I'm so excited for him! I know he's going to have a blast! He NEEDS to go to school and socialize desperately! He's hardly ever around other kiddos. Oh and dh finally got a job! It's been a really really rough road for us lately... but I think things are looking up and I'm so grateful for all that we do have!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ok, so it's been awhile!

I know, I know... like more than awhile.

A year lol!

Oh well! Things have been crazy this past year! Let's see...

We've moved but not too far away from where we used to live. Dh has been trying to get a job in trucking. He's been to schooling and such for it. He's finally gotten one now so let's hope he keeps it! That would be nice! :)

Christmas will be good this year! I'm looking forward to it! I can actually afford to buy presents for people! Some people don't realize how heartbreaking it is that you can't buy presents for anyone let alone your own kiddo! But this year is different! We're doing better and making changes! Go us! :) I even had a temporary job for awhile at Party City too!

I'm pregnant with our second son! :) That's been exciting fun to deal with. Once I got over the first three or so months. Then came the lack of heartbeat everytime I had an appointment so I've had atleast 4 or 5 ultrasounds done. The baby was fine everytime, the placenta was just in the way! And the ultrasound that said it was a boy kinda threw me through a loop. I really really really really really really wanted a girl. Like badly! I love pink and anything to do with it. I had the cutest name picked out and all the stuff I was going to buy in pink picked out in my mind. When I was about 13 weeks they told me they didn't see any boy parts so they were 90 % sure it was a girl. Then I went back again and I saw the boy part before the lady asked me if I wanted to know the sex and of course I was like "NOOOOOOOO! It cannot be a boy!" I then told her just to go ahead and tell me. And I was right, it was a boy. I was crushed beyond belief. I cried for two days straight. Now I feel silly for it but at the time it couldn't be helped. I blame the hormones! I've gotten over it since and now I'm really really excited about it! I've picked out his name too! I was being stubborn while we were trying to pick out the name because I declared I hated every other boy name in the world except what we already picked out for our son. Like I said I'm a little crazy and I completely blame the hormones LOL! Oh I've been having awful heartburn with this one too! I never had that problem before! It's so annoying! I'm due March 8th but since its another c-section they will take him out a week early. So around the first of March! Whoohoo! As of right now I have 11 weeks and 5 days to go! Or something like that! Next month is the baby shower! I can't wait! :)

I think that's pretty much the big things happening right now. My friend is back in town again! I got to see her today! And meet her hubby and new baby! Well, the baby is new to me! He's 8 months old and soooooooooo adorable! :) And it was really great to see how well my son took to the baby! He's going to be a great big brother to this one! :)

That's the update for now! I will try to be a good girl or "gril" as my son calls it and post more! :)

Monday, September 17, 2007


So what's there to do?

My son's in the bathroom washing his hands for ten minutes! LOL What a nut. I've already cleaned today and it's as clean as its going to get for us. There's no point to my kiddo picking up his toys downstairs until he goes to bed so I'm at a loss for what to do.
I could go bake something but I'm out of food... so I don't know what to do. There's nothing to do on the net. No one's on messenger to talk to so I don't know. I'm supposed to go to the store once hubby gets home! Yippee! Freedom!

This toilet training stuff is getting to me... I cannot for the life of me understand why he won't do number two in the potty but he's good for number one????? He's turning three soon and I know when people ask me about it and I have to say no he isn't trained they are going to give me that look... you know everyone knows that look. Its so aggravating to get that look you know? Oh well.

On a happier note we got a semi new microwave. Hubby's grandparent's got a new one and gave us their semi old new one, so YAY a new one! It's nice and big and can microwave a bag of popcorn better than our old one which had to do two cycles.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

It's been awhile

but I've been busy... with the bridezilla giving me hell... what a nightmare. That girl is a drama freak! I'm so sick of her. But lets not dwell on her, I'm the more mature one and I can get past it.

I just finally got to see my best friend in the entire world today!!! It's been since april first and she's been over in germany so yea I've missed her alot alot. We went to her older sis's wedding (well older than my friend, but my age) and that was one great wedding! I didn't do anything embarrassing, dressed perfectly, my kiddo behaved himself, and I was among friends that I made friends with a lifetime ago.. it was really heartwarming. I've not been this happy in awhile. I really needed it. I had so much fun.. we really didn't do anything exciting, it was mainly the fact that it was just familiar friendly warmth and love. I feel at peace. The bride was in tears telling me how much she loved us all... she and I go way back, we used to not get along so well because she was two-faced but I think she's finally maturing and realizing that she doesn't need to be the way she used to be. And she's a mom now too so I think that's changed her outlook in life. I even invited her to my son's bday party that's coming up!

OMG! That should be a blast! I can't wait for that either! My friend is doing the decorations and the cake and goodie bags, we reserved a park, and a bunch of people are coming! I think around 20 ish which is awesome! I kind of didn't know about inviting some though because... I feel like people will think I invited them just to get presents off of them and that's not why... I really do just want to celebrate my son's birthday and feed people and just you know have fun! PARTY! Give my poor deprived kiddo a chance to play with other kiddos! I just feel guilty about presents because we are so broke we don't buy people presents. Oh well! They've already been invited and there isn't much more I can do about it! I can't believe my baby is turning three... he just had a birthday yesterday. what happened? WOW The year flew by I tell you.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

2 Weddings Coming up

My dad's ex girlfriend's daughter is getting married on Saturday, that should be fun. Yea, I hate any social occasion. It would seem that EVERYONE is getting married this year! So far I'm counting 6 weddings total! I think that's right.

Then next weekend is dh's friend (who was his best man at our wedding) is getting married. Yippee that's a flip flop attire affair to a girl I've never met. I hope she's nice. She's got two little girls around my son's age so I hope they can play together. I've never really been comfy with him... never know what really to say.

Oh well, I can't choose dh's friends! He's a great guy don't get me wrong! He's a sweetheart, he was the only friend of ours to come to the hospital when I had my son, and he gave him all sorts of presents as well... so that will never be forgotten. Anyways... I'm happy for him. I'm glad he's settling down, he told dh at one point in time that dh was lucky to have me... :) I felt special. Oh yea, then the other night another one of dh's friends told him that he was waiting for dh to die so that he could marry me... LOL that boosted my ego QUITE a bit... :) I feel special!

Ok so back to weddings... I have to go bridesmaids dress shopping tomorrow... ugh... for dh's cousins wedding. I don't like his fiance to well, she's already a bridezilla and the wedding isn't until October. Should be a blast right? Or how about not. I don't know how I get roped into these things?? I wouldn't mind it if was someone I was actually really good friends with but I'm just a cousin in law you know? Oh well, its not too big of a deal, atleast I'll get some shoes and a dress out of this.