Wednesday, June 27, 2007

2 Weddings Coming up

My dad's ex girlfriend's daughter is getting married on Saturday, that should be fun. Yea, I hate any social occasion. It would seem that EVERYONE is getting married this year! So far I'm counting 6 weddings total! I think that's right.

Then next weekend is dh's friend (who was his best man at our wedding) is getting married. Yippee that's a flip flop attire affair to a girl I've never met. I hope she's nice. She's got two little girls around my son's age so I hope they can play together. I've never really been comfy with him... never know what really to say.

Oh well, I can't choose dh's friends! He's a great guy don't get me wrong! He's a sweetheart, he was the only friend of ours to come to the hospital when I had my son, and he gave him all sorts of presents as well... so that will never be forgotten. Anyways... I'm happy for him. I'm glad he's settling down, he told dh at one point in time that dh was lucky to have me... :) I felt special. Oh yea, then the other night another one of dh's friends told him that he was waiting for dh to die so that he could marry me... LOL that boosted my ego QUITE a bit... :) I feel special!

Ok so back to weddings... I have to go bridesmaids dress shopping tomorrow... ugh... for dh's cousins wedding. I don't like his fiance to well, she's already a bridezilla and the wedding isn't until October. Should be a blast right? Or how about not. I don't know how I get roped into these things?? I wouldn't mind it if was someone I was actually really good friends with but I'm just a cousin in law you know? Oh well, its not too big of a deal, atleast I'll get some shoes and a dress out of this.

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