Sunday, September 16, 2007

It's been awhile

but I've been busy... with the bridezilla giving me hell... what a nightmare. That girl is a drama freak! I'm so sick of her. But lets not dwell on her, I'm the more mature one and I can get past it.

I just finally got to see my best friend in the entire world today!!! It's been since april first and she's been over in germany so yea I've missed her alot alot. We went to her older sis's wedding (well older than my friend, but my age) and that was one great wedding! I didn't do anything embarrassing, dressed perfectly, my kiddo behaved himself, and I was among friends that I made friends with a lifetime ago.. it was really heartwarming. I've not been this happy in awhile. I really needed it. I had so much fun.. we really didn't do anything exciting, it was mainly the fact that it was just familiar friendly warmth and love. I feel at peace. The bride was in tears telling me how much she loved us all... she and I go way back, we used to not get along so well because she was two-faced but I think she's finally maturing and realizing that she doesn't need to be the way she used to be. And she's a mom now too so I think that's changed her outlook in life. I even invited her to my son's bday party that's coming up!

OMG! That should be a blast! I can't wait for that either! My friend is doing the decorations and the cake and goodie bags, we reserved a park, and a bunch of people are coming! I think around 20 ish which is awesome! I kind of didn't know about inviting some though because... I feel like people will think I invited them just to get presents off of them and that's not why... I really do just want to celebrate my son's birthday and feed people and just you know have fun! PARTY! Give my poor deprived kiddo a chance to play with other kiddos! I just feel guilty about presents because we are so broke we don't buy people presents. Oh well! They've already been invited and there isn't much more I can do about it! I can't believe my baby is turning three... he just had a birthday yesterday. what happened? WOW The year flew by I tell you.